Super Sampler Includes Dessert Platter

Our all-in-one group lunch option including our Group Box with you choice of bar-ritos and wraps (Please choose an equal number of wraps for efficient production) and your choice of a Group Protein Bowl and a Group Salad. Served with dessert platter and a side of Cholula.  (  Our Superfood Vegan is the only option which has a tofu base.  Please specify any other substitutions per vegan or vegetarian ).

Build Your Own Box

Group Quinoa Bowl Choice:

Mexicali, Spinach & Pesto Bowl, Black Bean Bowl, Classic Buffalo Bowl, Steakhouse Ranch, Spicy Korean

Group Salad Choice:

Kale Chicken Caesar, Healthy Club, Buffalo Salad, Superfood Vegan Salad, PBK House Salad

Serves 15 Guests